Family Denstistry

Why go through the hassle of bringing you and the kids to different dentists’ offices, when everyone can come to one location? At Dr. Guerriero's office, we happily offer a full range of dental services and oral hygiene solutions for the whole family. You’ll wonder why you didn’t find this kind of dentist before. Our dentists and staff are warm and friendly, whether you’ve come in for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants or sealants on a 6-year old’s new molar.

Something to Smile About

You and your kids will feel completely comfortable in our office because we hire caring, qualified staff members to serve your family.

Convenient Dental Care

Conveniently located at 7 Federal Street, we’re close to where you live and work. Make an appointment for each family member for the same day, and you’ll make going to the dentist easier than ever before!

Regular Appointments Are IMPORTANT!

At Chestnut Green Dental, we know that it is critical that our patients receive periodic dental care visits. Your family’s teeth are under daily siege from:

  • bacteria
  • acidic fruits like oranges
  • sugary drinks
  • prescription medications
  • rough-housing

Missing your appointment means cavities get deeper, bacterial coating thickens, acid-attacked enamel wears away and irritated gum tissues start bleeding.

Our Promise To You

Because we want to be your complete family dentistry source, our tireless staff members dedicate themselves to your complete dental care. Not only do we care for your smile, gums and teeth, but we also provide gentle, caring dental work. We want to give you something to smile about, so we provide positive solutions to dental concerns, affordable dentistry, and a friendly dental staff.

What Makes Us Unique?

One aspect that patients mention frequently is that we know not to wag our finger at them about flossing and brushing. Instead of wasting time shaming our patients, we explore with them to establish an oral health routine that fits into their lifestyle. Then, we give patients the tools they need to enable them to make smart decisions in regards to their oral health.