Meet Dr. Nicholas Ciancarelli

Nicholas T. Ciancarelli, D.M.D.


Work Experience


Chestnut Green Dental                                                                          2017-current

Clinical Director

  • Maintain and manage staff
  • Maintain practice compliance
  • Created social media campaign which has increased practice growth by 5 percent.
  • Restore dental implants;
  • Perform soft tissue laser dental treatments;
  • Diagnose pathological or irregular oral conditions;
    • Perform routine and complex restorative dentistry;
    • Perform simple and complex surgical procedure;
  • Perform fixed and removable prosthetics;
  • Perform routine endodontic procedures on single and multi-canal teeth


Gentle Dental of Wakefield/Burlington

Associate Dentist /Acting Co-Director                                                                            2013-2017

       Practice comprehensive treatment planning and care to multiple established


  • Proficient managerial skills resulting in a 50% increase in patient base, a 75% increase in patient retention rate and a 50% increase in production and collections;
  • Perform routine and complex restoration of teeth and dental implants;
  • Perform simple and complex extractions of teeth;
  • Perform prosthetic dentistry to include immediate dentures, full dentures, partial       dentures, crowns, fixed bridge work and implant supported prosthetics;
  • Perform routine endodontic procedures on single and multi-canal teeth;
  • Perform simple periodontal procedures;
  • Perform routine and advanced surgical procedures which include biopsy of intraoral lesions, simple alveoplasty and evaluation and management of oral surgery complications;
  • Ability to triage, diagnose, and manage a broad spectrum of dental problems in a patient population including medically compromised individuals.
  • Perform managerial duties including hiring, supervision, retention and education of dental staff.
  • Ensure adherence to corporate management procedures;
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal laws, regulations, and Commission on Dental Accreditation standards;


    The Dental Office of Drs. Argeros and Plourde

      Associate Dentist                                                                                                                2010-2013

Practiced comprehensive treatment planning to a multi-generational practice.

  • Restored dental implants;
  • Performed soft tissue laser dental treatments;
  • Diagnosed pathological or irregular oral conditions;
    • Performed routine and complex restorative dentistry;
    • Performed simple and complex surgical procedure;
  • Performed fixed and removable prosthetics;
  • Performed routine endodontic procedures on single and multi-canal teeth;
  • Provided emergency care after hours.




Melrose Family Dentistry    

    Associate Dentist                                                                                                                   2009-2010

      Practiced comprehensive treatment planning to patients of an established practice.

  • Performed Cerec restorations;
  • Performed minor oral surgery;
  • Restored dental implants;
  • Performed laser tissue treatments;
  • Performed fixed and removable prosthetic dentistry;
  • Performed operative dentistry and preventative care.


The Dental Office of Dr. Henry McCarthy.                      

Associate Dentist & Manager/Part-time                                                                        2007-2009   Performed managerial duties and practiced comprehensive treatment planning to       patients of an established practice.

  • Performed managerial duties to expand existing practice and increase collections;    
  • Restored dental implants;
  • Performed minor oral surgery;
  • Performed fixed and removable prosthetics;
  • Performed routine endodontic procedures;
  • Performed operative dentistry and oral care;
  • Provided emergency care after hours.


    Lynn Community Health Center Dental Services   

       Access Fellow-Dentist                                                                                                              2006-2008

       Associate Dentist                                                                                                                            2008-2009            

Practiced comprehensive dentistry in community service with in-depth understanding of clinical non-profit operations.  Provided care to a limited access patient population as part of an advanced full-time residency program and additional year as an associate.

  • Supervised day-to-day planning, mentoring, oversight, education and assessment of progress and performance of Boston University Dental School fourth year students;
  • Provided direct patient care and treatment within the scope of dental clinical privileges;
  • Provided staff education and served on workgroups/committees;
  • Identified solutions for local access to healthcare needs and coordinated community/regional outreach and health promotional programs;
  • Provided routine restoration of teeth;
  • Provided routine endodontics;
  • Provided minor oral surgeries;
  • Provided removable and fixed prosthetics;
  • Provided emergency care.                               




Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine    

Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)                                               2006


Suffolk University,                                                         

Bachelors of Arts in Biology                                                            1998


South Boston Community Health Center                   2005                                     

Tended to the oral health care needs in an underserved community non-profit for ten weeks.   Services included prosthetic single unit and multiple unit reconstruction, complete removable and partial removable appliances, root canal therapy, simple extractions, oral cancer screenings at community centers and oral hygiene instructions.

Professional Experience


Research Associate                                                         2002        Compucyte Bioengineering

Assisted in designing assays for Laser Cytometry for medical applications. Supervised assay production and managed laboratory personnel. Performed and documented quality control and quality assurance on manufactured batches.   

Harvard Medical School Chief Laboratory Tech.    1998-2001       Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative

Harvard Medical School Manufactured D.N.A. constructs for virus mediated Gene Therapy. Characterized cell culture lines used in human clinical trials. Quality Assurance and Quality control of vector constructs. Chief correspondence for vector review by the Food and Drug Administration.

Professional Organizations


Beta-Beta-Beta Biological Honor Society                                       1997-present

American Chemical Society                                                            1997-present

American Dental Association                                                          2002-present

Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity                                                       2004-present

Vice President, Dentistry in Business Association                          2004-2006

Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity                                                  2004-present

North Shore Dental District                                                             2006-present

Honors and Awards

Vice President, Dentistry Business Association          2004-2006                                                         

 Mass Health Access Program Scholarship                 2006- 2009

Continuing Education

Cerec Basic Training                                                                                           Picasso Soft Tissue Laser Certification

Bicon Step I and II Implant Restoration Classes                                          Invisalign Lecture Series-Certification Step One                                        Tulsa Dental Rotary Endodontics Symposium                                            DenMat Lumineer Step One Training                                                 Posterior Composites Symposium                                                            Restorations of Endodontically Treated Teeth                                            Personnel Management Lectures at Yankee Dental Congress                                                              C.P.R. First Aid for Dental Professionals






Safety and prevention of percutaneous injuries in the work place and evolution of methodologies in delivery materials.


Mildly fluent in Spanish