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We always look forward to meeting new patients. On your first visit, you will be greeted by the receptionist and asked to provide your personal health history information, as well as your insurance information. Usually, you will see Dr. Guerriero first who enjoys greeting new patients. Then you will meet the hygienist. Most new patients are anxious to get a cleaning so they can have that Smooth-tooth, polished feeling. At this point, the hygienist will scan your teeth for cavities that are smaller than a pinprick with a Diagnodent laser. We use this remarkable laser because we have found that tiny cavities are always much easier to address than bigger ones.

Then Dr. Guerriero will return and review your oral condition with a full examination and an intraoral camera, which will allow you to see the features of your teeth and gums up close and magnified up to twenty-five times. Dr. Guerriero will take x-rays of your teeth and check your periodontics, restorations, and teeth to make sure none are cracked or fractured. You will learn a tremendous amount about your oral condition during this visit, and most likely you will return for another visit when the x-rays are developed. At the next visit, Dr. Guerriero can provide you with a full evaluation. From there, you will decide which steps you want to take to achieve your healthy, new smile.

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